Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Liebster Blog Award and Blog Suggestions!

The very lovely Cathy (http://www.mypinktasticlife.com/) presented me with this award! My Pinktastic Life is a cool mix of makeup, jewelry, organizing, and everything girly - always a good read!

I always love getting these awards - it makes me smile that my readers enjoy visiting my page and hopefully gaining something from it. Writing about makeup & beauty is very special to me, so again, I thank all of you!

Here are four blogs that are very deserving of a read (click the titles), and a little bit about each:

Coffee With a Side of Lipstick - funky, cool jewelry maker who blogs about her designs, as well as other relevant fashion & makeup posts. Her Friday Favorites posts are always cute!

Forever the Ugly Duckling - she updates her blog almost daily with unique, beautiful nail art, as well as other makeup product reviews.

Lusting Over Lacquers - a new blog I just discovered! Two best friends blogging about nail laquers, great reviews! I love the idea of joint blog authors.

Botoxey - love her, and her blog! She blogs about art, fashion, music, makeup, etc. Her blog pops and is a lot of fun to read.

xoxo, Makeup Majesty


  1. Thank you so much doll!
    Lots of love right back at you! :)

    Will check out the other blogs you tagged.


  2. Thanks for the award you are always so lovely to me :) I heart your blog too xo

  3. you guys deserve it, keep it coming!! <3<3<3<3


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