Monday, May 9, 2011

Tiny, Tasty Treats

Mini Cupcake Lipglosses!

So Sparkly!

My best friend came to visit this weekend (yay) and bought me these adorable little cupcake lipglosses!

I, of course, screeched when I saw them because

#2 They're tiny and cute
#3 They're makeup, so DUH.

Kind of similar to the H&M cupcake lipgloss I reviewed a while back (click here for post) except these are smaller, and smell SO GOOD (one like strawberry, the other like cake)

Cute, right? Happy Makeup Monday dolls!


  1. after seeing them all over the place, i finally bought a Lipstick Queen glossy pencil in Genre this weekend. LOVE it. similar to the clinique chubby pencils, but i love the color so much more. its an orangey red and gives just the right amount of sheer color with moisture. just wanted to share!!

  2. Just looked it up - those are so cute dude! Thanks for sharing, obviously needing one in every color now =)


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