Friday, May 20, 2011

Orange You Glad...

Orange makeup trends are EVERYWHERE - from luxury cosmetics, to mass cosmetics, catwalks and sidewalks. Here are some of my favorite orange things for Spring!

The most moisturizing lipstick I've ever owned! Looks a bit pink in the photo, but it's actually little orange. It's by Kiss cosmetics - Just-Kissed Lipstick in Golden Orange. It glides on so silky and smooth, feels like you're wearing lip balm. Beyond obsessed.

This is what it looks like on lips, again it's more orange in person than in the photo! I love wearing it with a nice coat of mascara and a dusting of blush - it looks very fresh!

These three items have been my skincare savior to beat the rainy weather blues! The company is called grassroots and you'll never guess where it's sold...Kohl's! Not my usual "go-to" store for skincare or beauty, but believe me - these items are amazing! Everything is Vitamin C (large jar is the face creme, smaller jar is the eye creme, tube is the brightening serum). When I use them in the morning, the citrus smell wakes me up and it feels so fresh on the face. Def worth a try chicks!

Fergie rocks orange shadow on stage

A different take on the trend - orange-red

The orange shadow with the bold liner makes a statement!

Another orange-red by Estee Lauder, and a gloss on top by Smashbox

What do you guys think? Loving the orange trend or not your thing? Share with us! xo


  1. Orange nails are one of my favorite things right now!

  2. I've never tried orange on my nails, maybe that will be my next manicure!


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