Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Many (Pretty) Faces of Trouble

I met my best friend, Kate in second grade:

Last year, look at my red hair extensions! =)

Before the Motley Crue/Buckcherry concert - rocker chicks!

Halloween a few years back...oh dear.

Summer party a few years back, wishing I still had that tan!

Last weekend at my place

Red carpet event last year for our friends' movie premiere!

Florida vacation during high school, one of my favorite photos of us!

Last summer down the Jersey shore!

...and mischief has ensued every since.... =)


  1. Wow, she has worked every single hair colour - and suits them all! Lovely photos x

  2. I know right?! every color looks good on her! thanks doll =)

  3. You both look great :) Have you ever grown your hair super long? I think you would suit it xo

  4. thanks hun! I used to have super long hair when I was younger, now I just get dead ends when I let it grow too long =(


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