Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Makeup Enthusiast Interview - Melissa Marie Edition

I'm starting a new segment on Makeup Majesty, and the very lovely (and sometimes sassy) Melissa Marie has been volunteered to be my first victim muhahaha!

Pretty Princess

No but seriously - the new segment will include interviews with a variety of my friends/family/others to get their views on makeup, beauty and everything in between! So, instead of just getting my perspective on things, you'll be able to see what other makeup lovers are...well, loving.

As for Melissa, her and I graduated college together, and now live down the street from each other outside of NYC. Nights together are spent hysterically laughing, guini fist pumping in the car, splurging at Ulta on any and everything, lots of cooking and baking cupcakes, and the occasional Houlihan's antics. Mel is one of the only people I know that can go out without makeup and be perfectly confident - and look fly doing it! She's sharp, and will cut you in half with her words if need be. But to me, she is one of the greatest friends I could ask for and I just want to squeeze her! OK enough with the mushy shit -- Mel is a tough critic on makeup (as everyone should be) so here is what went down - interview time!

Fly sans makeup!

1. Top 5 Makeup Items EVER

  • Bare Minerals Original Mineral Makeup (Medium tone, including Warmth and Mineral Veil)
  • Dior SHOW BLACKOUT Mascara
  • Bed Head eyeshadow (all colors)
  • Almay hypoallergenic retractable black eye liner (for my water line)
  • Cargo Swimmables eye pencils (I hate you for this one, Mel)

2. If I could only bring ONE makeup item on vacation

Bare Minerals Original Mineral Makeup - I really hope that they never STOP producing this. I will never go back to another foundation ever again. It covers up my red spots and blemishes, and really gives me an even one color look. Especially when complimented with Warmth (the bronzer that comes in the Bare Minerals starter kit) really makes your cheeks pop- in a subtle way! It doesn't clog my pores, is light- and doesn't streak or come off when I sweat. Its a must-have, LADIES!

3. Biggest Makeup Pet peeve on others

Uneven eyeliner on the top lid of the eye. When one eye has eyeliner thicker than the other, I go BANANAS! Oh, and when women don't apply their eyeliner close enough to their lashes- and you see that gap of skin between lashes and eyeliner makes me levitate out of my seat.

4. Thoughts on permanent makeup...

One of my colleagues from South Africa has permanent eyeliner, and she loves it! I asked her if it hurt and the natural response obviously was "yes", but she said it was TOTALLY worth it. She says it is very easy to get up in the morning, get out of the shower and voila- your makeup is already done. However, I am too neurotic to have something permanent on my face. Also, I am an eyebrow nazi (for lack of a better term) and I could never part with my already fabulous eyebrows. Permanent lip liner? No. Although I have 3 tattoos right now, none are near my face, and I'd like to keep it that way.

5. Favorite makeup brand overall

I'm an equal opportunity employer and I can't really pick ONE favorite. I have a lot of favorites- I can't pick just one. ALTHOUGH- I just recently tried a new mascara by Estee Lauder - Sumptuous Extreme - and its coming to the top of my obsessions. Sorry, Mr. Dior.

Loved her answers! Do you guys agree? Here are some of the makeup items mentioned in her interview!

Stay tuned for more interviews dolls!

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