Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cargo's Swimmables - Never Again

Everyone who reads my blog, knows that I hate giving products a negative review. However, I'm always honest and hope that others can learn from my experiences with new products.

Enter: Cargo's Swimmables. I was so excited to use these - they came in a gift set from Ulta and I love all 4 colors. My friend who was with me bought one as well. I tried the purple in my water line, thinking it would be safe since it's a waterproof pencil. BIG mistake. My eye stung the entire night I was out, and it made my eyes water terribly.

Even then, I gave them another chance, thinking well maybe I shouldn't have put the pencil under my eye, and instead tried the gold on my eye lid. Mistake number two. Same thing happened - my eyes were seemingly on fire, and after a few hours actually had to take the pencil off with eye makeup remover. Miserable! I'm sad, because:

1. I usually love Cargo products, and these were very disappointing
2. I did like the colors, and the pigment was very nice
3. I was looking for fun waterproof makeup to wear over the summer, and unfortunately after the above incidences they went right into the garbage can.

I don't usually have sensitive eyes either - I'm pretty good with wearing almost any eye shadow, mascara, liner and so on, so whatever was in these waterproof pencils did NOT agree with me!

Sorry for the negative/un-fun review guys. I will try posting something nice later ha! =)

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