Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Biggest Lip Gloss Applicator EVER!

Pop Lip Gloss (and princess nails still intact)!

Very large tube - look at it next to my finger!

WOW! The lip gloss applicator is almost as thick as my finger!

Behold - King of the Lip Gloss Applicators. A good friend in the industry gifted me this monster - just look at it! I'm used to a MAC or NARS lip gloss wand - standard doe-tip applicator or a mini brush - nothing to get excited about.


It's amazing! You can do the your lips in two swipes - one top and one bottom - and you're done. The tip covers the whole lip, allowing for a perfectly even application. Not to mention, the formula is very silky and not sticky or tacky. It's so fun to use and I love the bright packaging.

I'd love to see more lip glosses follow suit and opt for a bigger applicator like this one...

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