Friday, April 29, 2011

Pretty Pink Spring Things

Mini cupcakes I baked for work!

Mini pink clock and Hello Kitty on my desk

No caption needed ha!

My notebook

Pretty tree outside my apartment building

MAC lipstick in Chatterbox / NARS lipgloss in Angelika

Very pink lips!

Just wanted to do a pretty pink inspired post on this lovely Friday! I'm not usually a huge pink person, but I was seeing a theme today - flowers, lipstick, cupcakes, etc so I just ran with it =)

The NARS lipgloss is new, and I've been wearing it an awful lot - love it alone or on top of a lipstick as seen above.

You guys like it? =)


  1. I loves the pink .. Im lusting over your hello kitty there lol I love the cherry blossoms this time of year :)

  2. thanks Tracey!!! The HK doll on my desk always makes me smile haha =)

  3. This is probably the cutest post I've ever seen! haha :)


  4. aww thanks chicks! I thought it was funnn


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