Thursday, April 14, 2011

Makeup Majesty’s Top Repeat Makeup Offenders

Love most of these chicks, but they need to hire a makeup artist, or fire the one they currently have. Tough love, but it's true.

Pamela Anderson
Dear God, why???????

Lindsay (dropped the "Lohan")
Not sure if that's a bad colored foundation, or bad fake tan? Either way, it's BAD.

Mischa Barton
She actually looks better with NO makeup, strangely enough...

Taylor Momsen
No comment needed

Kat von D
I get what she's going for, but it just doesn't work for me

Brooke Hogan
Look up "over-bronzed" in the dictionary and you will find this photo

Britney Spears
Love her, but her makeup always seems messy to me

Christina Aguilera
I know i've said this before, but this much makeup is so unnecessary on her

What do you guys think? Anyone else that should be on this list that I missed? Not trying to me mean at all, just wanting them to look their best!! =)


  1. Christina Aguleira always looks like she's applied her makeup with a shovel. Even if she's just going to the store or something. I actually wonder if she has really bad skin that she tries to cover up. And I totally agree with everyone on your list!!

  2. Hahaha with a shovel!! Hilarious. I feel so bad saying that, but honestly she used to be so cute and pretty and now her makeup looks miserable ughhh. She needs a makeup intervention…

  3. I can't stop staring at the pix. Shocking and what the hell were they thinking. This really gives cosmetics a bad name! :p

  4. @Olivia - I know right? Shocking! They have money, don't understand how they can go out like that!

    @forever - I hear you! Her makeup isn't even thaaaat bad, she's so pretty but that raccoon liner hides it a little bit!

  5. Ay Dios mío!!! Why?! I think Taylor's look is all rocker chick and all that, kinda cool. But she should give it a break. Pamela...come on girl, with age, less is more.

  6. @Bedalzy - I know right? Pamela needs to relax with the dark lip liner and smokey eye, yuck!

  7. christine is gorgeous...that's not fair...


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