Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dry Shampoo?

Just read an article on Cosmopolitan.com about dry shampoo. I know this is nothing new, but I have never actually used it before. I guess I really never understood how to use it. The article said a few things you need to know:

  • It gives lots of body to flat hair

  • Allows you to keep your blowout longer

  • If your hair is a bit funky and needs a pick me up

  • Hold can about 8 inches away from scalp and mist

Do you guys use dry shampoo? I don't know if i'm totally sold on the idea. I know some women swear by it, but i'm usually a wash-hair-everyday chick. Share with us! xoxo


  1. I like to wash my hair every second day but when it looks a bit greasy I do use it on my roots sometimes although I dont think it improves the look of my hair all that much it does feel fresher :) xo

  2. ohh interesting, thanks for sharing!


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