Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bite Beauty Vitamin Gel in Pine-Apple

That didn't take long, huh? After my post a few days ago about "discovering" Bite Beauty at Sephora, I just had to try something from the brand.

I chose the Vitamin Gel in Pine-Apple, because hey, you can never get enough lip moisturizers right? Sephora describes Vitamin Gel as an all-natural multivitamin lip gel that adds sheer shine to the lips. This moisturizing gel contains mood-enhancing essential oils and a high dose of multivitamins, making this lip treatment a daily must. Hmm mood enhancing oils huh? Not sure if it's the gorgeous weather in New York or the gel but it might be working! =)

It's actually very nice, and perfect for the warm weather! I love the scent - very sweet and citrusy. The texture is nice and slick - NOT sticky or tacky in any way! It goes on clear - sorry for the crappy photos, but I was trying to show how shiny it was up close =)

Overall I really like it! It comes in other flavors as well - Blood Orange, Ginger, Pink Grapefruit and Mint.

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