Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Allure's All American Beauty Survey

Came across this survey in Allure and found it interesting - thought i'd share with you guys!

Women Are Conflicted About Curves
Seventy-three percent of women say that a curvier body type is more appealing now than it has been in the past ten years. Still, when asked if they wanted to change their hips, 85 percent of women wanted them to be narrower.

Aging Isn't Acceptable

Ninety-three percent of women say the pressure to look young today is greater than it's ever been.

African-American Women Have Killer Confidence

When asked about their personal attractiveness, African-American women were three times as likely as Caucasian women to rate themselves at the hot end of the spectrum.

Men Dig 28-Year-Olds

Men said that women are their most beautiful at age 28. In a similar study conducted byAllure in 1991, men voted 31 to be the hottest age.

The Most Stressed-About Body Part: One Guess

Thirty-five percent of men and women said that, if there is one part of their bodies they'd like to change the most, it's their stomachs.

Even Guys Worry About Weight

Eighty-six percent of men said that they wanted to weigh less—as did 97 percent of women.

Men Like Bigger Butts…On Themselves?

Twenty-two percent of men (compared to 11 percent of women) said that if they could change their butts, they would want it to be larger.

Cougars Are Hot!

Only 3 percent of women defined themselves as cougars. But maybe more of them should: Turns out, 26 percent of men say that cougars are hot.

Hair Colors Have Surprising Stereotypes

When asked to pick out adjectives that best describe blonde and brown hair, both men and women said that brunettes and blondes are considered to be beautiful, sexy and classy. However, brunettes were also found to be intelligent and trustworthy. And while blondes are seen as confident, they were also voted most bitchy.

Men Love Boobs and Butts? Shocking!

When it comes to sexual attraction, women list their top five favorite male attributes as a guy's face, body type, smile, eyes, and height. And men's answers, in order? Face, body type, breasts, smile, and butt.

Everyone Loves Angelina

Men want to be with her, and apparently women love her, too. Twelve percent of women and 9 percent of men agreed that Angelina Jolie is the celebrity that most represents the physical ideal.

What do you guys think, see anything surprising to you? The hair color one cracked me up ha!

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