Thursday, March 31, 2011

Makeup Purge

I absolutely HATE throwing out makeup. I feel like i'm throwing out a limb. But I know every few months, it's necessary. I have a huge cabinet that I keep my cosmetics in - each drawer is labeled - Face, Eyes, Lips, etc.

When you are a junkie like me and feel the need to purchase new makeup all the damn time, those drawers get a little...full. OK, understatement. They get SO full that I can barely close them anymore. Then I find myself using the same eye shadows, lipsticks and so on because I simply can't SEE any of my other makeup. We see a problem here, yes?

Sadly when I get home from work, I will begin my makeup purge. Things that I think are older than a year need to go, and things I rarely use will go as well. I feel like the lady with 50 cats - she loves them all and doesn't have the heart to part with any of them (yes, dramatic).

Photos to come later of the colossal mess I will probably make =) Hope everyone is having a great day! xoxo


  1. "I find myself using the same eye shadows, lipsticks and so on because I simply can't SEE any of my other makeup"
    I have THE SAME problem!! I clean out my makeup every 2-3 years. Hahah I'm really bad :(

  2. Oh no I feel the exact same but just remember when you purge all the unused stuff you like likely find tons of things you forgot you even had :) xo

  3. @pretty - So glad i'm not alone! I know, I haven't cleaned my makeup out in so long, i'm about to start it now!

    @forever - That's so true, I love "finding" makeup that I love in my drawer! =)

  4. This is so true! I think the worst part of purging your makeup collection is the horrifying realization that you've spent so much money on things you don't use... it makes me feel sick! That and you always think, "I might need it!" For me, I generally save everything that is still good and lightly used and give it to my younger cousins. It makes me feel like the stuff I spent so much money on is getting love from someone, even if it's not me!


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