Thursday, March 31, 2011

Makeup Purge - The Aftermath

What a mess!

JUST lippy

Nice & Neat!

Goodbye, my loves

As hard as it was, I finally did it. It felt so good to sort through my things and chuck the old & gross stuff. I did try to pay attention to WHAT I was throwing out. I came to a few conclusions:

  • I had a ton of eye shadows and lip products that should have been thrown out about a century ago, gross.

  • I hate to say it, but I threw out a lot of my drug store makeup. I don't want to say that luxury/department store products are always better, but I found that I purchased some things just because they were cheap and I wanted to try a different shade

  • I definitely threw out any of my foundations/moisturizers that had SPF in them, since they lose effectiveness.

  • Finally, I noticed I am a huge offender of buying similiar shades, especially when it comes to lip glosses and lipsticks. I have enough pink & glittery lip color for the entire state of New Jersey.

As painful as it was to throw out makeup, it was necessary. I think it will also allow me to shop smarter in the future (note to self: no more pink lip glosses). Now the question is: what new products to buy?! =)

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