Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GaGa for Beauty Tips

Want beauty tips from Lady Gaga? The current reigning Queen of Pop sat down with People to discuss her beauty advice.

-She washes her face with Ivory soap

-She sleeps in her makeup SEVEN days a week! But says she is lucky to have good genes.

-She wears sunscreen on her face daily, claiming “I don’t like to tan my face because it’s bad for wrinkles”

-She claims her “blonde hair is falling out” from dying it too much
-Her favorite fragrances growing up were Versace Baby and Revlon’s Jean Nate

-She is skipping out on both mascara AND her false lashes, claiming “I think it’s more modern not to wear either. I just wear eyeliner”

-And above all, “Go with your gut. Whenever you try being someone else, it’s boring.

What do you guys think about Gaga’s beauty tips?


  1. Wow sleeps in her makeup??? LOL nice maybe I should start doing that too! As for the no mascara or falsies I can't do that...LOL Great post!!

  2. haha I totally agree! I would DIE without mascara or falsies =)

  3. Ew she sleeps in her make up....that's NASTY!

    Not exactly my idea of beauty tips :P


  4. haha I know right, I was kinda grossed out by that too. If I sleep in my makeup my face breaks out and it sucks!


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