Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clinique Gets Chubby

CHUBBY STICK! I am kind of obsessed with saying the name HAHA. Anyway, the newest edition to the Clinique makeup family is indeed the Chubby Stick, which is a moisturizing lip balm in crayon form. After ranting and raving for weeks about how I NEEDED the Chubby Stick to SURVIVE (yes, dramatic I know) my boyfriend picked one up for me! I got shade 07 Super Strawberry (sorry for the crappy photo ha).

I'm in love with the color, but since it is a balm and not a lipstick or lipgloss it doesn't last very long. I see this more as beach makeup, because it's subtle and pretty. Allure describes it best when they called it "no makeup - makeup." This shade is a bit brighter than my natural lip shade, so it looks polished without trying too hard. I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and silky the texture is (I see crayon or stick, I think dry and dull). My friend purchased the Watermelon shade, and we had the same consensus - love the color and texture, just wish it had more lasting power.

Anyone else get one? =)


  1. I don't have one and rarely wear any gloss/lippie these days just balm :) You should show us a picture of it on xo

  2. Wow I haven't heard of these Chubby Sticks! hahaha I love the name too, so cute! AAh I'm gonna need to check those out.

    You've been tagged on my blog for an award :)


  3. I haven't use this product but their lotion is amazing, I super love it maybe I'll try this sometimes. Thanks!

  4. @Forever I will try to post a photo of it on my lips! =)

    @Nora you are the best! so sweet of you, thank you! i will post today! <3

    @snake i love Clinique lotion and the eye cream too!


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