Sunday, March 20, 2011

Black Shatter Masterpiece

I am so in love with OPI Black Shatter nail polish! If you're following me on Twitter, you've probably heard me whining about how badly I wanted this nail polish. WELL, I finally got it and it was so worth the wait!

I purchased Black Shatter in a salon in NYC, and the chick who worked there gave me pretty good advice on how to best apply it. To start, choose a base shade that is bright or metallic - the more punchy the shade the better! I used SEPHORA by OPI's Queen of Everything. Allow the base coat to dry completely, and don't use a top coat at all.

Next, apply a thin layer of Black Shatter directly on top of the base shade. I've found the thinner the layer, the better so the polish can "crack" and give you that cool stained-glass effect.

I'm eager to dry different shades under it! My boyfriend and I kept admiring how cool and fun it looked. What do you guys think?


  1. it's nice

  2. Ahh, it looks awesome!! I just got a bottle of it yesterday.. I was at a spa show and the OPI booth had a bunch of it but it was going FAST. It was like everybody noticed it at the same time because all of a sudden there was a crowed and everyone was grabbing 2 or 3 bottles. I had no money but a classmate bought me one :D I have to wait until tomorrow to try it though.. I want to try it over a neon green!!

  3. thanks to all!!! so sweet.

    @Tierney - that's too funny! it seems like everyone is trying to get their hands on a bottle huh? i can't wait to try different shades under it!


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