Saturday, November 27, 2010

tokidoki Robbery Palette


OK I love this. A good friend gave it to me as a gift and I think it's amazing for a few reasons.

One: Obviously, the packaging is adorable/fun and I love the brand.

Two: Great color combos

Three (and probably most important): The palette comes in a huge tin. BUT - the 3 mini palettes are detachable (as shown above) and are super thin and compact for travel/touch-ups.

I usually have to resist purchasing any type of gift set, even though I really WANT IT REALLY BAD. But what I find happening, is I like maybe one or two things within the set, then i'm left with a ton of product that I don't like or use. Also, the gift sets/tins/etc are usually big and bulky and I have nowhere to store them (even though this one is reallyyyyy cute i'll have to find a place for it!)

The Arlecchino palette (the middle palette above) made me go out of my comfort zone of warm/golds/nudes. I've been using Ninja Dog (the fun purple shade) a lot, and have been getting compliments on it! I also like using the shades Bullets, LA Gun & Candy Cane for the inner corners.

Bottom line: Love the shadows. Love that the palettes are detachable. I've begun using purple shadow. The end.

What do you guys think? Any other palettes you are loving? xoxo


  1. This palette looks really good! I bought one of their Cromatico palettes and wasn't too happy with the pigmentation; hopefully this one is more pigmented :)

  2. yeah, I hear you! the shadows definitely need primer though or they crease pretty badly! The colors are gorgeous on skin also =)


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