Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Makeup Mavens Throughout the Ages

Something i've always been interested in is how trends change over time. I'm a big fan of anything vintage, and idolize old Moviestars and Starlets. I chose my favorite Makeup Maven from each decade to show how makeup has progressed over the years. They are all beautiful to me in different ways...Enjoy xo

1920's - Clara Bow

Very harsh brows and lips, minimal eye.
Short, cropped hair. Almost doll-like.

1930's - Jean Harlow

Pencil-thin brows, strong cupid-bow lips, and lovely bottom lashes.
Finger-waved, bleach-blonde curls.

1940's - Rita Hayworth

Softer brows, beautiful long lashes, soft smoky eye, and lighter defined red lips

1950's - Elizabeth Taylor

Finally some thick brows! Defined heavy/smoky eye, defined lips

1960's - Brigitte Bardot

Perhaps my favorite look of all time. Beautiful cat eye, light frosty lips, tosseled blonde curls

1970's Farrah Fawcett

What a change from the 60's huh? Overall lightened up look, fresh-faced base & blush, only a touch of mascara & lip. Very girl-next-door. Oh...and the hair, of course.

1980's - Brooke Shields

The 80's...oh dear. Wacky eye brows, colors, and just...everything.

1990's - Cindy Crawford

Brows on the thicker side, minimal eye, rosy lip.

2000-2010 - Angelina Jolie

I know these days, there are seemingly thousands of makeup looks to chose from - but I think Angelina nails it. Simple cat eye, face not overdone, and minimal lip. Oh, and being gorgeous might help a little too.

What's Your Favorite? ;)


  1. My favourite is either Elizabeth Taylor or Rita Hayworth, I can't decide between the two, they are both beautiful :) xx

    Please feel free to check out my blog, it would be much appreciated :)

  2. I love clara bow .. Good post lady :) xox Pop Trash beauty

  3. @Amy - YES! I love both of them too. Thanks for the love, I will check out your site xo

    @Tracey - thanks doll, you're the best!! xoxo


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