Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Things I Want To Do...

I saw this post on Amy's blog ( and thought it was adorable! Here are my 30 Things...

1. Travel back to my favorite place in Italy, Positano

2. Start my own cosmetics line

3. Get another pet

4. Cherish the ones that are good to me

5. Change my hair color (it's always blonde!)

6. Learn to cook more things, since I enjoy it when I do!

7. Continue doing ballet & dancing

8. Find that one perfect lipstick (are you out there???)

9. Travel to places I've never been, Ireland being next on my list

10. Read a book that leaves a lasting impression

11. Continue using Latisse, so I can have long, LONG eye lashes =)

12. Not worry so much

13. Have my own vegetable garden one day, like my grandfather did

14. Take more photos. I take a lot now, but there's always room for more.

Photos = Happy Memories in life.

15. Make someone else's day

16. Make good money $$$

17. Blog more for my amazing readers

18. Possibly go back to school for my Master's degree

19. Master another language and actually USE it

20. Watch less reality TV (as much as I hate to admit i'm addicted!)

21. LOVE again

22. Master makeup techniques by watching those who know more than me!

23. Go to all the rock concerts I can

24. Be inspired by all that's around me to create art

25. Think of 5 more things that I want to do...


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