Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rihanna's Fragrance

Just like seemingly EVERY celebrity out there, Rihanna is coming out with her own fragrance "Reb'l Fleur." Loving the bottle, very unique, just like the singer!

I came across the image while I was on Cocoperez (such a guilty pleasure) and thought it was interesting. What do you guys think of the bottle & name? Are you getting sick of celebrity fragrances?


  1. Oh, I never knew that Rihanna had launched a fragrance LOL. I would definitely like to take a sniff (=

  2. i don't think it came out yet! that photo is a sneak peek of it =) but yes i agree, i want to know what it smells like! <3

  3. I really like the bottle! I wonder how it smells. Ya I'm a bit tired of all the celeb perfums but I guess it sells so why not! xo

  4. @Taj – I’m curious too! And I feel the same – celebrity fragrances are getting a bit much, but they make BANK off of them! =)


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