Monday, October 18, 2010

The Makeup Majesty Sans...Makeup?

How do you feel sans makeup? Did you just SHREAK? Or could you "do without it?"

I always have makeup on when I leave the house, but I wouldn't exactly say that I look horrible without it. I just like wearing it. Certain people seem almost dependent upon they couldn't LIVE without it (well..maybe I feel like that sometimes ha..)

So where is the line? Always makeup, or just sometimes? I'm going to assume there is no "never" makeup people if they are reading makeup blogs =P


  1. I always wear make up! Id say I have only went outside without it once or twice in the last few months :)

    Everyone looks better with it! Make up enhances what you already have :) xo

  2. yes, i agree!! enhances, good word! =) xoxoxoxo

  3. I try to wear minimal makeup on a daily basis, mostly because it kind of makes you look more "polished" than a makeup-free face. And I agree, makeup is really more of an enhancement to natural beauty :)

  4. I agree Rinny! though i'm obsessed with everything makeup (CLEARLY), my normal makeup routine only takes about 5-7min before work in the morning. thanks for the love! <3333


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