Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beauty Seasonality

Hope all my beauty lovers are doing well! Question - what do you dolls do differently with your makeup when the seasons change? For example, going into fall from summer. Do you switch foundations? Do you start or stop using certain eye shadows or lipsticks? Do you switch from waterproof to regular mascara?

I was thinking about this when I looked in my makeup drawers. After summer, a lot of my products seemed to be packed away - illuminators, bronzers, bright colored eye liners and lipsticks, etc. Do you feel your makeup is very seasonal, or do you seem to stick to a similar look throughout the whole year? Just curious!


  1. I stick to the same thing ALLLLL year! How boring of me! I tend to just wear plain makeup (foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara) to work and out on weekends but when I got out at night I add eyeshadow in what ever colours I'm feeling at the time - usually a shade of blue or brown!

  2. no way! that's not boring of you at all. if it works for you, why change it right? =) happy friday!


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