Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ulta Lot - Lipstick! Lip Gloss! Foundation! Ahh!

Palladio Liquid Liner
OK ugh! I took a gamble with this one and LOST. This
liner sucks, sorry to report. I was looking for a relatively cheap,
black liquid liner so I just picked up this one. While applying, it
was very streaky. I had to put about 3 coats on each eye, so that the
line was all black and had no spaces. Then, with this lovely New York
rainy weather, it smeared on my eye lids and was a sloppy mess by the
time I got to work – NOT cool. As most of you know, I hold the
lasting power of my makeup to very high standards. If it wears off or
doesn’t last long, it’s out the door. So I can definitely kiss this
one goodbye…

Urban Decay Lip Junkie in CRUSH
This. Is. Beautiful. I am a huge UD
fan, and this product definitely delivers. The gloss is on the
thicker side, and applies very smoothly. It’s nice and pigmented
also, which I love in a gloss. The best part – it has great lasting
power! I applied it in the morning before work, and it lasted for
hours…only rubbing off when I had my lunch! I love the packaging too,
the top of the gloss is so cute and fun. I can’t get enough of it,
the color is just right for my skintone and makes my lips POP – gotta
love the WOW factor  I’ve also read many good things about other
addicts purchasing Lip Junkies, and the general consensus is LOVE!

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in Indian Pink
I like it! This is my first NYX product.
I was curious to try something, since I see NYX
products on many beauty blogs so I had to check them out. The things
I like the most about this lipstick, is the texture. Texture is
EVERYTHING to me. If a product is drying, sticky, cakey, etc it’s a
no-go. This lipstick goes on so silky – it feels more like a
chapstick than a lipstick. The color is pretty – a frosty pink with a
bit of shine to it. I didn’t use any lip liner with it, so it didn’t
last insanely long – but still up to my standards. I don’t really
have a shade just like it (I tried to grab one that didn’t look like
the other 9,000 lipsticks I already have) so I’ve been enjoying
wearing it for the past few days. Overall, I recommend it – you can’t
beat the price either ($3.59 at Ulta)!

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara
OK, don’t know how I survived without this
for so long. I did have a clear mascara back in the day, but when it
ran out I never replenished it…stupid! This works so nicely on your
brows. It just makes them look nice and neat, since I’m totally a
weirdo about my eye brows (well, what am I NOT a weirdo about I
guess…) Loving it, and will continue to replenish when it runs out!

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation
This is a tough subject. Foundation is sooo important!
I’m very careful about what I put on my face, since I’m prone to
break-outs and that would just suck. This product surprised me. I
bought it because it has anti-acne fighting agents in it, but wasn’t
sure how I would like it. But I do! I’m usually an Estee Lauder or
MAC foundation girl (for yearssssss) so the fact that I actually
bought a new brand is a bit frightening for me. The application was
smooth and even – thank god I picked the right shade. It wears
beautifully throughout the day without touch-ups, very impressed.
Plus, I grabbed Neutrogena vs. any other brand, because I use their
face wash and other products, so I figured the foundation would be
safe to put on my skin. I’ve only wore it for a few days, so I guess
time will tell if it agrees with me or not. Stay tuned!

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  1. ooooh id love to try the NYX lippies I keep meaning to order from

    Im sure I tried the foundation you bought years ago and rather liked it but I dont think it was pale enough for my corpse like skin :-/



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