Monday, August 16, 2010

Mood Changing Nail Polish

And it actually works!! Well, I don't know how much of my "mood" changes the color, but the polish does change!

I was browsing through Claire's for some cheap jewelry, and can never resist anything weird/unique - hence the color changing polish! Since blue is so hot this season, I wanted to use it on my toes for a cool pop of color. Much to my surprise, the polish actually changed! The shades are called Flirty & Shy (above).

Just to be my ridiculous self, I also bought the pink one - Fabulous & Funky:

I didn't try this one yet, but I will when the blue needs to be taken off! Cool, right? xoxo


  1. thanks!! i still have to try the pink one =)

  2. These are really neat! I might have to stop by claires soon.. I hardly go in but maybe I will next time!

    Sarah /


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