Sunday, August 8, 2010

Commuting Makeup

OK, so this pisses me off. I'm on the bus and/or subway into Manhattan - probably blasting my ipod and guzzling coffee - and see this.

Now, my question is WHY. Why can you not wake up FIVE minutes prior to your departure to apply your makeup? Or get to your destination, whether it be work or school, and apply it in the bathroom? I've seen women do an entire face of makeup while commuting - which included base, blush, powder, mascara, eye liner, lipstick and so forth.

For me, it takes away the "mystery" behind the beauty. Some may disagree, but i'm the type of chick that doesn't like people watching me apply my makeup. They should just think..."wow, she looks great!" instead of "oh, that foundation looks great."

Some makeup application is more offensive to me than others. For example, anything dealing with base/concealer/blush etc is totally ridiculous to be applying on the subway. If you're swiping on a little lipgloss, not so bad. I secretly hope people who apply mascara while commuting will poke themselves in the eye with the mascara wand and never do it again (a little harsh..perhaps).

What do you guys think?


  1. I would never apply my makeup on the train, not even in my car. The only thing I do in my car is to apply a lipgloss or touch up with powder. The latter only if I am in a parking lot. Personally I feel uncomfortable if I see someone else apply their makeup on the train. I don't mind if my co-workers do their makeup in the bathroom at our office. I wouldn't do that either. I'd rather wake up the five minutes earlier.


  2. I don't like to apply makeup in public unless it's a little powder touch up or maybe a slick of lipgloss. But it doesn't particularly bother me when other people do. There is a girl on my bus in the morning who does all her eyeliner, and I'm always scared she's going to stab herself in the eye with it when the bus jerks!

  3. I just dont get why they dont set aside the 5-10 minutes to do it before they leave so they dont have to do it in public. I must confess to doing my make up on the plane as it was an 8 hour flight and I needed to re-apply it as I fell asleep and my eyes were a mess :P


  4. @chrissy - i totally feel the same. i would just rather apply my makeup at home so that i look presentable!

    @missy - me either. like i said, i think lip gloss is fine and just little touch-ups...but a full face of makeup on the train? so silly!

    @beauty - yes! exactly. if you have time to dress yourself in the morning, you have a few minutes to apply makeup you know? haha =)

  5. ohhh you hater! If you lived in London, and took the tube to work this would be a regular sight. We British girls take the opportunity to do our makeup any time and any place.It is fun to see what other products people use, and we always have a chat about products & techniques. The only people who don't like it are the men...women gossip first thing in the morning...naahh mate!

  6. ... and it is...after all...a test of skill. You either have or you don't *wink* :)


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