Friday, August 20, 2010

Ashley Greene for mark

Pretty! Although i'm not into the whole Twilight craziness, I've always thought Ashley was such a pretty girl. She is now the new face of mark. cosmetics (which is a division of Avon).

I'm loving the red lips! I've never really tried anything from mark, has anyone else? I'd be interested to hear feedback, considering it's mostly sold online and you can't "play" with the products!

Photo taken from Cocoperez =)


  1. i love mark products they are simple, and almost all of it you can fit in your purse! For the price the stuff is amazing and they keep changing there products and improving every year! Plus there skin care is actually really good for your skin! plus there jewelry is amazing quality! i havent purchased any handbags though, i havent liked any enough to!

  2. thanks so much for the great feedback!! i'll have to check them out then! =)


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