Friday, July 16, 2010

Burberry Beauty is BELLA

Makeup snobs rejoice!

Burberry's beauty line has finally hit counters, and it looks just as beautiful as the clothing! The beauty line, which is sold currently at Nordstrom, includes lipsticks, lip liners, glosses, eye pencils, shadows, mascara, foundation, blush, powder and bronzer.

The beautiful pieces are inspired by, what else, Burberry's trademark trench coat. As reported by WWD online, the Burberry beauty line generated about $10,000 in only 5 hours in San Francisco! Crazy, huh? Currently, the makeup is sold only at 5 Nordstrom locations. The company plans to roll out the line to 30 stores within the next year.

But don't expect the Burberry line to give into fads or trends. They want their products to be classic, and plan to expand the line each season. The laser engraved makeup and luxurious packaging comes with a hefty price tag (it is Burberry, afterall). Lipsticks are $30, Bronzer is $48, etc. Being the makeup addict I am, it will be hard for me not to at least try ONE thing. I mean, it's research...right? If i'm spending $30 on a lipstick, it better make me look like Marilyn Monroe..

What do you guys think?


  1. Beautiful packaging! It's such a shame it's sold in only a few stores though! :(

  2. this is awesome! i agree with rinny, sick packaging!


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