Saturday, June 12, 2010

Too Faced - Glamour Gloss in Plush

Totally an impulse buy. But in this case, it was a good impulse buy!

I was in Sephora makeup-whoring around when i spotted the sparkly, rhinestone on top of the gloss (ohhh shiny things!)

After further investigation, I noticed that Glamour Gloss had a wide variety of flattering shades. I swatched a few on my hand (as always) and decided on Plush - browny pink shade. It looks great on olive skin =)

The texture is on the thicker side, and has nice pigmentation to it. I often chose glosses that are too sheer, but the Glamour Gloss has a good amount of colour.

One thing I didn't notice before I bought it, was the package says "Volumizing Lip Gloss" with lip injection comfort plump. Therefore, it does give you that tingly sensation when you apply it. I'm not too big on lip plumpers (they don't work at all for plumping purposes) but this gloss ha nice color and texture so I can live with the temporary tingling =)

I know, I buy entirely too many lip glosses (blame it on the makeup addiction) but this is not a shade I would typically choose so I think it's totally justified!

Has anyone else tried it? Have you found your "it" lipgloss for the summer? Share!


  1. It looks like a pretty shade!

    Check out my blog!

  2. thanks Wendy, it is pretty! =) i'll check out your blog, thanks for the love!

  3. I saw and tried this gloss and loved it!! But i didnt buy it cuz i was trying to save... but i went back 3 days after and bought it!haha im addicted! anyways i love it! and u are right Plush looks good on Olive skin =)


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