Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obsession of the Moment - INGLOT

LOVE! I walk by this store each day in Times Square, and almost always go in. It's so exciting - bright colors, extravagant false lashes, and so many choices!

Inglot is a young brand in the scheme of things (25 years old). They can be found worldwide in over 200 retail locations, and are fairly priced.

I have to admit that I am a complete newbie to the brand! I haven't bought anything just yet, it's so overwhelming walking in that store. Plus, I'd love to hear what you ladies think and if you've tried anything that you love from Inglot! I am seriously considering stocking up on a few pairs of false lashes. At $12, how could you go wrong? Here are a few fun lashes from Inglot's website:

Cool right?! The last ones remind me of a pair that I wanted from Shu Uemura, but their lashes are $40 a pair! These are more on the outlandish side - fantasy-type lashes but I think they're fun. They also carry more natural lashes, as well as the single lashes (which are impossible for me to apply!)

Another interesting thing about Inglot, is their program called The Freedom System, which is basically your ability to custom create your own face, eye, lip and eye brow palettes. That's HUGE. I know other brands like MAC offer custom eye palettes, but custom FACE? That's something i'd be interested in trying.

The store in Times Square is extremely makeup addict friendly, and you are encouraged to try, swatch, mix, and play with the products. Does anyone have any Inglot? =)


  1. I reckon inglot suck, their eyeshadows stain skin and their Duraline is really streaky.

  2. I came across an Inglot store in one of the 'malls' here (we call them shopping centres) and I was just as excited as you were! I can't wait to go back. I wanted everything in the store! I think I'll end up with half their nailpolishes lol. I love all the colours, it's great for people like me who have tricky-to-match green/blue/yellow eyes, hopefully I'll find the right shadow.

  3. I have only recently heard of them so I know nowt about the brand......those lashes are pretty wild! Not for me as I dont have the confidence to pull them off.....id just look like a clown :P


  4. @amanda - really?! that's disappointing, i haven't tried anything yet!

    @shinxy - so cute! you're like me and want to explore everything haha

    @beauty - oh i hear you! i don't think i would ever wear them outside of my apartment, i was just curious how they would look =)


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