Saturday, June 5, 2010

NARS - Orgasm Illuminator

I finally got it!! OK, so it isn't a completely "new" product, but I just purchased it so it is new to my makeup collection =) I have been going a bit nuts with this product - I just love it! I can totally see how some people go overboard with it - the healthy, glowy look it gives you is very desirable and perfect for summer.

I used it in my previous post (FOTD) and was very happy with the results. The directions say it can be applied over or under makeup, and all over the face or as a highlighter. I used it on top of everything - after I put on my base, bronzer and blush I just highlighted my cheek bones with it.

I also wore it alone today while I was rollerblading with my boyfriend outside - it was way too hot for foundation or other makeup, so the Illuminator on my cheek bones and a little mascara looked just right for a fun, beachy day. Despite the insanely hot temperature, it seemed to stay in place fairly well.

I'm not sure if I would put it all over my face - I think it might make me look too shiny (I already have oily skin, so it might be a scary combination).

I have not tried it under my makeup, has anyone else? I want to experiment to see what looks best - I know some of you ladies own the Illuminator, so let me know how you use it!! xoxo


  1. This sounds awesome! I am in love with "glowiness" with warm weather!

  2. i love Orgasm it looks so pretty on everyone. I'm def going to try this product out. thanks for sharing!

  3. @jane - me too! it's so pretty

    @teresa - i love it too, i use the Orgasm blush every day. now this is my new obsession haha


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