Sunday, June 6, 2010

LCN Nails

Hey dolls! I just got back from the nail salon and am very happy with the results. I just got my LCN nails in color!

LCN (stands for Light Cured Nails) are amazing. I've had mine on for about 2 years. The manicure lasts up to 4 weeks (yes, FOUR)! LCN nails never chip, break, get yellow or have any of the usual problems that traditional tips have.

Up until recently, LCN only offered the french manicure option. Now, LCN has come out with a variety of different color options to chose from. I picked this vibrant pink and it looks really pretty on my nails =) The only thing is, as the nails start to grow out it will become noticable since the color is on the darker side. With the french manicure, you could hardly tell when your nails were due to be done. It's cool though - I needed to try the color out to see how it looked =)

LCN nails can also be done on your toes too! They last the same amount of time (about 4 weeks) without chipping or breaking in any way. Think about that - during the summer, you would only need to get your nails and toes done THREE times! Amazing!

What do you guys think, has anyone else tried LCN nails? Or do you prefer doing your own nails?


  1. They sound like perfect nails! and they look really great.

    I do prefer the feel of my own nails but they do go slightly yellow from wearing polish all the time.

    Fee x

  2. it sounds like it would be expensive :/ i'm on a budget. but they sound wonderful! and that color is sooo pretty.

  3. Your nails look fantastic!!! Unfortunately, I don't think LCN has come to Oklahoma City yet. :(

  4. I have never heard of LCN but it sounds wonderful! I love that color too!

  5. @makeup savvy - thanks doll! i wish i had nice natural nails, but mine always end up breaking and splitting ughhh

    @danielle - yes, of course everything comes with a price =/ a fill-in is $40, but you only go once every 3-4 weeks =)

    @kim - thank you! i hope you can try them out soon =)

    @mandy - thanks!! i'm loving the color too, it makes me happy when i look at them!


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