Sunday, June 13, 2010

EOTD + Sephora Palette

Hi dolls! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I decided to play around with my Sephora palette a bit, and do an Eye of the Day =) I tried my best with the photos, but unfortunately the colors didn't come out as they really look. Check it out, and what I used to create the look! xoxo

The Goods

NARS Eye Primer

Sephora Eye & Lip Palette

MAC to the Beach Eye Liner in Float On By

OK so, I wanted to do a look with the turquoises & greens in the Sephora palette and do a bright and fun summer look. I also used the eye liner from the MAC to the Beach launch to line the top and bottom lids. I topped everything off with MAC Opulash on my top lashes.

I tried going with a yellow & turquoise look at first and really liked it, but it wasn't showing up in the photos at all, so I decided to go with darker shades that showed up more (I used 4 shades in the green family).

I primed my lids with the NARS eye primer (got as a sample from my Sephora beauty points), but i'm not so sure that I like it. It seemed very watery and wet-feeling, so I don't think it made the shadow adhere all too well. I like primers to be on the thicker, creamier side.

I've been trying to think of other unique color combinations to play with, any suggestions?

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