Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dior Logo Contact Lenses - Would You Ever?

I think this takes the term "label whore" to a whole new level!

I, along with some of my twitter followers, were...baffled when we saw the new contact lenses by Christian Dior. While the color is very cool with the gold flecks, I can't imagine having a conversation with someone and seeing the initials "CD" stamped on their eye ball.

I love experimenting with different looks, and think colored contacts are a fun way to transform yourself (along with makeup, of course!) but Dior contact lenses? I'm not sold.

What do you guys think?


  1. Hehe I think they are cool! A bit obsessive maybe but cool :)


  2. Honestly, I thought this was a joke at first. "Label Whore" -- you got that right, LOL. Do some people really need to show others how much money they have? Is that it?

    They would look cool without the CD initials, but then again taking them out would make them plain old and cheap special fx contacts. XD

  3. The colour looks unusual and kinda nice but I would not wear them....Hello Kitty ones on the other hand :P xo

  4. a bit too much maybe? where is this society headed? haha

  5. Oh good lord! Are designers scraping the bottom of the barrel for advertising or something?

    I wouldn't wear them at all!

  6. Oh, I wish they didn't have the 'CD' on them! Other than that, they're so pretty!

    I thought the whole 'label' thing went out of style around five years ago...

  7. hahaha!!! i LOVED all of your comments, thank you! pretty outrageous, huh? =)

    hope everyone has a great weekend!! xoxo


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