Monday, May 31, 2010

Tarina Tarantino - Cameo Gloss Ring

I finally got one! Always on the hunt for unique pieces, I had to get my hands on a funky and fun Cameo Gloss Ring from Sephora. The one above is the Victorian Punk Gloss Ring and i'm loving it! There are other colors and themes, but I had to get the one with the skull on the front =)

The gloss itself smells very fruity and feels nice & velvety on your lips. But probably my favorite feature is the little mirror inside! How great is it to have a mirror on hand at all times? (no pun intended)

I think it's the perfect piece of jewelry for the summer, and instantly jazzes up your outfit with a little bit of *sparkle*

What do you dolls think? xo


  1. I love it! Im so jelous :( Sephora dont ship to the UK I dont know why cos there are 1000's of girls here dying to try TT's make up :)


  2. Isn't it great!!! I love this ring! I'm even going to sport it once the gloss runs out...or maybe even fill it with something else :) Thanks for sharing!


  3. hahaha i was thinking the same thing! totally filling it with another gloss when it runs out =)

  4. Hey ladies!

    I actually sell these Tarino Tarantino products on my ebay. Reference the victorian punk, I have one set currently in stock, but can get some more if needed.

    I also have a lot more of the products, ranging from eyeshadows to lip glosses.

    To find the above, look up Tarina Tarantino Victorian Punk Fashion Collection - 140510168214 on ebay to buy now!!

    Thanks ladies!! x


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