Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stila Lip and Cheek Stain

As some of you have read previously on Makeup Majesty, I have been obsessing about trying to find a GOOD lip stain. Too drying, not long-lasting, and all around sub-par stains is what I have found so far. Click here to read previous review here: The Perfect Lip Stain - Is There a Such Thing? )

Now, I mentioned that I was interested in purchasing the Stila Lip and Cheek Stain, but Sephora was out the last time I was shopping (truly horrific, right?) Well, I got one! And I have to say that it's probably the best stain i've tried thus far! The shade I purchased is called Yummy Crush, and it smells amazing!

I like this stain, because it has a creamy texture. It also has a pretty shimmer to it, instead of looking matte and dry like other stains tend to. It lasts a while (through 3 cups of coffee!) and maintains that pretty shimmer and color. I'm happy with this one dolls! I did put it on my cheeks just to try it out, but didn't like how it looked. Plus, I am a NARS Orgrasm Blush type chick, I can't help it!

Does anyone else own one? Or do you have any more lip stain suggestions?


  1. yea...finally a good stain! I do not own one (yet), but I will for sure try it. I was also searching for the 'one great' lip stain.
    Have you tried the increadibly long lasting lipsticks from Illamasqua? They cansry a bit, but you can wear it with some lipbalm, and it helps.

  2. I'll definitely try this one out! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. @FACE IT - no, haven't tried the Illamasqua ones...but now I want to lol. I feel like with any stain you need some type of gloss over it or else it looks crappy

    @Nora-Schu - anytime, thanks for the love! xo


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