Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Skincare Dream Team

Behold. The only thing that has EVER worked for my skin. If you possess perfect skin and don't need to use any skincare products (boo, hiss!) then read elsewhere! If you are like me and have breakouts once in a while, you need a system that works.

Now, i'm not trying to sound like an advertisement (because, of course, these are all my own personal opinions!) but you do need a "system." What I mean is, treating breakouts simply cannot be done with just one item - like a face wash for example. The reason a system (meaning a group of products) work far better, is because the multiple products combine forces to treat all skin issues at once.

The Clinique Acne Solutions clear skin system is fairly new to the Clinique brand. Clinique has always been king of the 3 step systems - they have a system designed to target practically every skin type, and assigns your skin type a number - 2 is for Dry Skin, 4 is for Oily Skin, etc. so you can easily chose products that will work best for you. THIS is the Skincare Dream Team:

The Acne Solutions 3 Step is the newest system and I have to say it works AMAZINGLY for me. It comes with a cleansing foam, toner, and clarifying lotion. The combination of products together just leaves my skin clear, soft and glowing. I ran out of the system (since you do have to use it religiously in order for it to work properly) and didn't purchase it again for a while. I figured EH, my skin is clear...do I really NEED it again? WELL, obviously I was wrong. I stopped using it and my skin went right back to its old ways. So, alas, it is once again being proudly displayed in my bathroom cabinet.

This post may seem to be a bit one-sided, but please know that I have tried many things before finding this skincare gem. I gave Proactiv a try back in the day, but it didn't work for me at all. I've tried many dermatologist prescribed creams, face washes, and so on. My skin didn't budge. So if you are on the market for something that actually works, give it a try. The starter kit (pictured above) is fairly cheap at $32.50 for three items. Truly worth it in my eyes!

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