Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sabrina Guest Writes on Makeup Majesty!

I am SO happy to announce that my very favorite makeup artist, and very close friend Sabrina wrote a very entertaining and adorable product review for Makeup Majesty! I previously interviewed her on my site and got phenom feedback from all of you - Makeup Artist Extraordinaire and she is now guest writing for me! SO, here it goes - enjoy dolls! xoxo, Makeup Majesty

Chainsaws, hammers and nails oh my! Go to any hardware store and it will carry any supply you need for home improvement. But could one buy such a product that will improve one’s skin… make it smooth as a baby’s bottom… rid of all those harsh, flaky, rough patches. Perhaps, a cosmetics counter in the finest department store or at least the local drug store!

Well ladies and gentlemen I present “Grandma’s Old Fashioned Lye Soap”!

“Lye” I gasped, as I stood in my local AIDS Hardware Store and looked down at the pile of pale, white bricks wrapped in cellophane. “Is that even legal to sell?” as I picked up the block pictured with an old clothing wash board.

As I turned it over out of curiosity, I read “good for dry skin, egsima and rosea.” I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Since I can remember my mother embedded in my head that I must cream every day. At six-years-old I was Mary Kay’s youngest customer. (Well, of course my mom would order her cream and we shared.)

It’s a good thing to because when I was being built they forgot to include oil glands to produce any sebum. When I say I am dry… I mean, I am dry… My skin, my hair…dry as a bone, Even my nails are brittle… I can’t even wear contacts because my eyes get so dry with the lenses in them.

So for the 23 years I’ve been on this earth, I’ve spent a good portion of time searching for products to satisfy my needs. I won’t even discuss my hair because that would be a full length feature. But, after all the oils and lotions and “what have ya” I feel like I’ve finally come across a product that not only really does do what it says, but employs itself as a solution to the problem and not just a “minute man” like fix.

“Grandma’s Old Fashioned Lye Soap” has not only accomplished what it said it was going to do but went above and beyond. The large, fragrant-free bar, costing only $6, foams up leaving a satin like film on your skin. And once out of the shower and all toweled off, your skin will feel smooth and look healthy. You will have the advantage of appearing and feeling as though lotion was applied, but get the pleasure of skipping the slimy excess that usually feels uncomfortable.

I most certainly have seen a huge improvement in my skin. It feels soft and I’ve actually stopped using lotion. In fact… my feet were so infested with dry, flaky skin and calluses (attractive I know) that even that has subsided tremendously. I am truly impressed with this soap and I think you will be to.

And if you not dry like me, don’t think this soap isn’t for you. Yes…especially good for sensitive, dry and problematic skin, the pure mild soap is actually great for all types of skin. This bar soap is pure, and does not obtain harsh dyes, fragrance, detergents and other man-made chemicals. It also last twice as long. Ah… something economic and reliable… who would have thought that existed…

Side Bar: “Grandma’s Old Fashioned Lye Soap” can also be used to relieve sunburn, insect bites and poison ivy and oak. AND… it relieves flea problems for our furry little friends!


  1. Who would've thought?

    Nice blog!! And the review was excellent!

  2. I know, I wouldn't have thought so either! Thank you for the follow doll! xoxo

  3. Great review> My Mom is from the south so they use all kinds of crazy things. I think this and terpentine was one of them.

    New follower :o)

  4. Yes, who would have thought. Actually I had to look up the word 'lye' because English is not my native language. So maybe next time I'll go check my local hardware store instead of the drugstore?! I am not sure if they sell this kind of soap here in Germany though.

    Great post!


  5. @Kim - thanks for the follow!! I will check out your site =)

    @Chrissy - how cool, I have a makeup friend from Germany yay! thanks for reading xoxo


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