Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Perfect Lip Stain - Is There a Such Thing?

From what I've experienced...um NO! The concept of a lip stain has always been intriguing to me...it will stay on? ALL day? You will always look like you have perfectly pretty lips and it's effortless? Unfortunately, I have yet to find this "miracle" lip stain. I own four different stains (reviewed below), none of which are "perfect" but all have different qualities. Enjoy!

Tokidoki Fantastico Lip Ink in Nana Star

I had high hopes for this lip stain, but unfortunately it fell way short. It's a lip stain, yet barely has any pigment whatsoever. It's so "natural" looking, that you almost can't see it at all, and it actually wears off your lips. It also felt as if the marker itself was dried-out, even though it was sealed in plastic! I gave it a try a few times to no avail. Sorry ladies, I don't like writing negative reviews but I just hope you don't waste your money on this one! Although, I did buy an eyeliner pen from Tokidoki which I LOVE, so I don't hate the brand at all, just the product =)

Pocketpal benetint + gloss

Benetint is great! It's very bold, vibrant and long-wearing - just what a lip stain should be. Lip stains and inks tend to be drying, so the clear gloss to go over the stain keeps it looking fresh. My only beef with the Benetint, is that it tends to settle in the cracks of your lips if they are the least bit dry or cracked. For the most part, this is the best stain i've tried so far.

Givenchy Tinted Look Lip Stainer in Pink Impression

This lip stain is a perfect example of an expensive product NOT being worth it! It was a last minute purchase on the way out of Sephora, and I don't think I could dislike it anymore (wow, i'm negative today huh?) This product leaves flakes EVERYWHERE. It also leaves streaks and lines on your lips - kind of like a bad lip liner job from the 80's. I'm actually embarrassed to say that i've never returned a beauty product in my life, but thought of returning this one. Completely and utterly YIKES

Very Sexy Lip Stain (by Victoria's Secret) in Proposition

I do like this one. I like that it's a thin tube, which gives you more control when applying. I didn't exactly chose the right color for my skin, but it is silky and long-lasting as a stain should be. If only I picked the right color!

From Left: Tokidoki, Givenchy, Benefit, Very Sexy

I wanted to purchase one of the Stila lip stains, but Sephora didn't have any left. I also was about to purchase the Urban Decay lip stain, but a follow beauty addict almost wrestled me to the floor and told me not to get it! She claimed that it won't come off for 3 days, not matter how hard you scrub your lips...not interested in that.

Anyone have an awesome lip stain they can share? I'm very open to suggestions!


  1. I personally don't really like lip stains. After a while they seem to dry out my lips and settle into the cracks. Who wants that?!

  2. I hate spending $$$ on so many lipstains that are mediocre!! The one I've used and liked (not LONG lasting, but it lasts about 4-5 hours on me and is not too drying) is the Palladio brand that you can pick up at Sally Beauty. It's not too shabby and at $5 a pop, doesn't hurt the wallet either. I use it and put gloss on top and I'm good to go!

  3. I haven't been able to find a lip stain that works for me. I too like the concept, but just haven't had any luck. To me a lip stain should be a great way to add a little color that will last all day. But, the ones that I've purchased over the years have either been too drying or the color just isn't natural enough. So I'm going to spend my money on other lip products that feel better :)

  4. I use a lip/cheek stain by The Body shop.

    So far it stays put on both my cheeks and lips when I use it. It has a felt tip applicator which i love.

  5. @willworkformakeup - I know, I totally agree - not attractive at all!

    @kim - thanks for the suggestion! I know, I hate buying something that you don't use and isn't that great

    @Kristen - I'm right there with you! I own so many lipglosses and lipsticks that I thought I should try something different...aka lip stains. I'm still on the hunt for a good one though =)

    @Ashli - thanks for the suggestion, I will check it out! Felt tip applicator works best with stains in my opinion =)

  6. I personally tried quite a handful of them, but surprisingly my favorite is the Cover Girl lipstain in Teasing Blush#415. The second one I like a lot is the Benefit Benetint.

  7. I've never tried the Covergirl one, you like it? I will have to check it out! And yes the Benetint is pretty good too =)


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