Thursday, May 6, 2010


Aren't they beautiful?!?! Like a true makeup addict, I purchased the Superglass the first day it was on counter! Now, all 5 are not for me, they are gifts! From left: Sweet Tart, Sugar Overload, and Gift Wrap. The others two are doubles =)

With flash. From left - Sweet Tart, Sugar Overload, Gift Wrap

Without flash

Gift Wrap on my lips =)

MAC Superglass comes in nine shades, and is described as "a shattered, decimated, fantastic, intergalactic lip light." It truly is a one of a kind product, and MAC lovers all over have been waiting for its arrival!

I have to say, it's unlike anything that I have ever purchased. It's a stand-out, get noticed product that has glitter flecks and highly-pigmented color. It's glamorous and gaudy all at once and I love everything about it. The tube itself is even different than the original - ribbed and edgy. In other words...LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Who else got one?


  1. these look super pretty and glittery! awesome! x

  2. Gorgeous colors! I think I like Sweet Tart the best though :)

  3. thanks dolls! yes, the Sweet Tart is the color I would usually buy, but I got Gift Wrap to switch it up a little bit. I'm going Sweet Tart to my mom as part of her Mother's Day present =)

    have a great weekend all! xoxo

  4. Ouu lala! I was looking at them..I have sooo much lipstick..and realized..that I DONT Have as much lipgloss THAT i thought I did.. ahha:D SOOO thanks for this review..I'm glad you love them..I'll check them out...TOMMOROW:P ahaha =]


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