Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Lash Queen

I am the self-proclaimed Lash Queen! I LOVE lashes. There is just something about them - instant glamour. Old Hollywood glamour, even. You have that...something. That oomph. People can't figure out what it is, but it's just that extra dazzle...the most intriguing woman in the room.

MAC Cosmetics has a wide variety of lashes - all lengths, thicknesses, designs etc. If you care for them properly, you can get up to 3 uses per lash set. If you coat your real lashes and false lashes with mascara, they tend to get funky and therefore unusable a second time.

If you are a lash virgin, I would suggest going to your local drugstore and getting a cheap pair to practice with. If you are an old pro and want to splurge a little - Shu Uemura offers luxury, extravagant, beautiful lashes (each pair is $40):
When applied correctly, lashes can look very natural, if that's what you're going for. You will look like yourself, updated. Lashes are perfect for a nice dinner or night out, weddings, proms or if you are just fabulous and want that extra oomph.

When applied badly, you will look like a street walker at best. Minimal lash glue is key - I like the cheap drug store kind that is grey or black in color. White glue sometimes dries too light and is visible, not good. The closer you get the false lashes to your natural lash line, the better they will look. A little trick is to eliminate the space between natural and false lashes is filling in any gap with some black liner.

Here are my go-to lashes. I tend to favor the "high drama" lashes, what can I say! =)

MAC #35 Lash - Dramatic in length and fullness
MAC #48 Lash - Longer bundles of lashes with flirty fringe
MAC #7 - The most natural looking MAC lash in my opinion, and most peoples' favorite!
What lashes do you ladies use, any favorites? Any other tips you can share? I love hearing from you all!

With Love,
Makeup Majesty


  1. I'm with you girl! I love false lashes!!! I wear them almost every day :)



  2. I like the MAC lashes, but usually go for the cheaper Ardell faux lashes myself. The Shu Uemura lashes are great for a more dramatic look.

  3. Need them or not I want to try some. Fantastic post as always sis<3

  4. Yay for falsies! I actually only wear them while going out and on 2nd dates lol. I don't buy expensive ones, ause REALLY i can't see big difference, i buy adhesive seperatly so... I love red cherry lashes! You can find any dupe for MAC lashes for like a dollar or two... :) I use my lashes up to 4 times... and then i cut them into little flares and use them once as individual lashes. I squeeze every tiny bit out of em lol

  5. @hardcore makeup - so cute! i wish i had time to apply them every day =(

    @Poor Girls Beauty Blog - i've never tried Ardell, do they sell them in the US? =)

    @RJ - you're so cute. not everyone is blessed with insanely long and lush lashes like you!! =P

    @VaidaG - what a great idea, i've never thought of cutting them up! i hate throwing them out lol

  6. i just want to say that i love that i found this post on lashes. i LOVE eyelashes and i'm always trying to make mine longer and fuller. i've tried fake ones only once and got really frustrated. i guess they take some practice. thanks for the tips! :)

    follow me if you'd like, it's pretty boring so far but i'm just getting started.

  7. aww thanks Danielle! applying lashes takes a little getting used to...but when you get the hang of it you'll probably be addicted to them! thanks for the follow, I will check out your site =)


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