Monday, May 24, 2010

Go-To Shadow

Do you have one? That "go-to" eye shadow that never fails? That goes with almost any outfit, plays well with your other makeup...the one you can grab on the way out the door, swipe on with one finger, and catch your bus?

I have one that I have been favoring a lot lately:

Too-Faced - Lockdown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow in Bondage (the Ivory shade)

I know I wrote a previous review on my favorite cream shadows, but lately i've found myself always grabbing for this one. It truly does NOT crease. Like AT ALL. The Ivory shade is just the perfect color for me, and it always brightens the eyes and gives you a pretty look.

What about you chicks? Do you have that go-to shadow? Share with us!!


  1. My go to shadow is MAC Rubenesque paint pot, I usually use it as my base but on a lazy day I wear alone with eyeliner.

  2. MAC Paint Pots are great. I used to use Shroom a lot but i've switched to the Too-Faced shadow! =)

  3. My go to shadow isn't exactly an's the MAC greasepaint stick. I just apply a thick line to the lashline and smudge it out. I'll have to try the Too-Faced shadows sometime!

  4. My go-to is Urban Decay Sin, it goes with everything or looks gorgeous on its own. These look great, I've never tried any Too Faced eyeshadows before.

  5. I'll have to try the Too Faced. The ivory one that you mention sounds perfect. I tend to be lazy and just do a base with eyeliner, so the shade you mentioned would do just the trick. I'm currently using a Clinique base in "canvas".

  6. @willwork - Greasepaint sticks are great!

    @missy - I've never tried! Now I need it LOL

    @Kristen - Never tried Canvas! Yes, these are great. They really don't crease at all and last all day =)


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