Monday, May 10, 2010

Beauty Product Bonanza

I hope all the Mommies out there had a great Mother's Day! Ours was great - lots of food, drinks, loud italian talking and hand gestures, and of course...lots of beauty products!! Tons of my family and friends (including my parents and I) are in the beauty industry...I guess it has its perks!

What do you do when you have beauty product overload, and you can't use it all? Share it with your family and friends!

Hmmm, this is SO my colour...

Even my Aunts swatch! Love it

Round 2 - more grab bag!

My two aunts, my cousin and grandma! My mom and me aren't in the picture, but I love it anyway. Family, Sambuca, italian cookies and makeup...what could be better?

How was YOUR Mother's Day?


  1. You are so lucky! My family doesn't understand my makeup addiction, but I did drag my mom and sister to MAC, CCO, and Sephora last week :) Cute family!

  2. Awww thanks babe!! I know, I guess you can see where I get it from! =P

  3. Wow, that's a ton off products. It must be fun to just dig around in a pile of beauty products with someone who is equally interested in makeup.

    I love that table btw.

  4. how much fun is it when you share a love like that with family!! My sister is really the only one who gets my makeup addiction, my mom just thinks we are crazy. I enjoyed this one!!

  5. My favorite product from that pile was the lip stain, seriously what a findddd!

  6. thanks for all the love dolls! yes, not only does my family "support" my beauty addiction, they are just as bad as I am! But I love it!


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