Monday, May 10, 2010

Beauty Books

It's not news that Allure is the Beauty Bible. I have been a faithful follower of Allure ever since I was 13 and wore awful raccoon eye liner and brown lipstick (NOT a good look for me). I forgave myself years later, dubbing it my "awkward stage"...everyone has one, right?

ANYWAY, this book is a great read. I'm super busy with work, life, etc that I sometimes have trouble finishing a book, even if I find it interesting. The reason I like Allure - Confessions of a Beauty Editor, is because each page is composed of mini blurb-type paragraphs. Therefore, you can read a few, skip over some that you don't care about, or just get to the good stuff - tips and tricks!

Written by Linda Wells - Editor of Allure Magazine, the book gives advice from world-renowned makeup artists, gurus, and creative people alike. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific area of beauty - foundation, eyes, lips, etc and is tough to put down. It also recounts Linda's journey of how she got to be THE Beauty Editor with funny anecdotes and (sometimes) embarrassing stories.

What beauty books do you ladies like? Suggestions??

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