Sunday, April 18, 2010

White Eye Liner - Wearable or Just For Runway?

I was reading The Bible, aka Allure Magazine, and I came across the Beauty Reporter section. The magazine states, "By replacing traditional black liner with a streak of white, makeup artists create a look that's cool and striking"

Not sure if i'm sold on this ladies! I'm all for switching up your makeup for different seasons and occasions, but i'm just not sure if this look is wearable off the runway. I'm sure it could look interesting and polished on some people, but on me it would look strange and futuristic! What do you guys think?

And if you haven't already, pick up the May 2010 issue of Allure - it's a really great read this month!


  1. I think it actually looks really cool. It kind of wakes up the eyes and gives the wearer a softer look as opposed to the hard look of black eyeliner. Though I'm obsessed with the black, obviously.

  2. I do like it, but on me, it would look very strange and not flattering at all. For a soft look, I use golden/brown liner instead of a black one and beige color on my lids. Thats the lightest I can go, white liner would look really funny on me ;)

  3. I think it could be doable..of course not this extreme, but it could look good on some people. I am gonna have to give it a try:)

  4. @RJ - i'm sure it could look cool if applied correctly =)

    @SummerBabe - i like gold eye liner too for a softer look, it's pretty!

    @FACE IT - i will probably give it a try too, just wanted to get everyones feedback! =)


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