Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tokidoki Treasures

Created by Italian designer Simone Legno, these Japenese-inspired, cult-favorite designs have been given the makeup treatment!

Cromatico Eyeshadow (16 shades)

Bastardino Makeup Palettes (1 Palette with 4 different shades)

Prisma Lip Gloss (16 shades)

Fantastico Lip Ink (5 shades), Brush and Inferno Bronzer

Tokidoki Makeup Bags (3 sizes)

Nail Files

Tokidoki Tank Top

I purchased the Perfetto Eye Liner in Black, and the Cromatico Eye Shadow in Donutella:

The packaging is adorable! But the most important question remains - how are the actual products? I'm very happy with both the eye liner and the eye shadow! The Donutella shadow is a lot of fun - shimmery with glitter flecks. I haven't experienced much creasing at all while wearing it, which as we know is very rare!

The Perfetto Eye Liner is also great - it's a felt-tip marker pen which I love. The application is fairly easy if you're trying to achieve the winged-tip cat eye look. It stays put throughout the day, and is a true BLACK color. Comes in 8 shades, and it's waterproof!

I was tempted to buy the Prima Lip Gloss and the Lip Stain, but figured I would quit while I was ahead and only purchase two things from the new line - JUST in case I wasn't impressed. It's possible I might go back for more!


  1. OMG!! I can not wait to get my hands on the eye shadow and liner. It is so cute. I am super excited!

  2. I know, I was too when I saw it in the store! Seriously adorable, I'm a complete sucker for cute things like this =)


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