Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stop, You're Making Me Blush

Hi Pretty Girls! I've reviewed four different types of blush for your reading pleasure!

Smashbox – Gel Cheek Color
Shade: O-Glow

I’ll be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with O-Glow. I think it’s absolutely fabulous in the winter time when your skin is on the dryer side. After applying foundation and a little finishing powder, O-Glow looks flawless when applied to the apples of your cheeks. I like the hint of pretty pink color it gives your cheeks - kind of that…is she? isn’t she? wearing blush look. I like the gel texture of the product, it feels gentle on your skin when applying it. However, I find myself steering completely clear of O-Glow in the summer months. Your skin has a lot more moisture (and potential oil) in the summer, therefore gel based products tend to sweat or wear off my skin super-easily – not cool at all!

Tarte – Solid Cheek Stain
Shade: Natural Beauty

This solid cheek stain had a lot of potential. I thought the chubby little stick it came in was very cute, and the color looked pretty too. However, I was disappointed. I felt like I had to continuously rub the cheek stain on my cheeks, and there was barely any color on my face. Now, I understand the shade is called NATURAL beauty, but the blush almost had no color at all! It’s possible that my skin tone was a little too dark for this product (I have olive skin), so maybe it wasn’t meant for me. So for you Tarte lovers, speak up and let me know if you disagree! =)

Benefit Cosmetics – Liquid Tinted Cheek and Lip Stain
Shade: Benetint

Benetint is an interesting animal. I like the color it provides the cheeks, and it seems to stay put throughout the day. I do find it a little difficult to apply to the cheeks though, since the brush is very skinny and tough to work with. You usually end up trying to blend the Benetint with your fingers, causing you to look like you just committed blush murder. Keep in mind, that Benetint also doubles as a lip stain. If you’re not crazy about using it on your cheeks, it’s actually an amazing lip stain in my opinion. After it dries, I love putting some clear lip balm or clear lip gloss over it for a really powerful set of lips!

NARS – Powder Blush
Shade: Orgasm

For me, NARS Orgasm Blush has been the reigning Queen of all Blushes. I find myself purchasing other blushes, but going back to NARS in the end. It seems to be the perfect shade on almost anyone! It surprises me that even in the summer when I have a tan, or in the winter when I’m paler, it still looks flawless. It also has just the right amount of shimmer in it – not too much shimmer so you look like a clown (god FORBID) or too little shimmer so your skin looks matte and boring. Until I find something better, NARS wins my heart in this category!

So, what will it be ladies? Gel, Solid, Liquid or Powder?


  1. Oh yes, orgasm is the best! That rhymed lol
    I love it.. just as you said - it's perfect :)
    And i say powder.. i can't pull of these stains :D

  2. Haha so cute! I agree, it's the best!! <3

  3. great review as always ;)


  4. Thanks for the tips....I use a Clinique cream blush over foundation, then face powder, then a swipe of powder blush (or a light bronzer powder in the summer). I read recently to use a powder blush with a powder bronzer (in complimentary shades)....I had never done this before.
    Maybe bronzers are a good topic for the summer!

  5. @Summerbabe - thank you doll! glad you enjoyed it!

    @Marianne - your welcome! i intend on doing a bronzer review of course! i have a few already, but i'm sure i'll pick up some more to try as the summer approaches =)


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