Monday, April 26, 2010

The Price of Beauty

I know what my friends are thinking - she watches THIS? Sadly, I was sucked in. For those who know me, Jessica Simpson is not style. However, a show about beauty? I rebelled at first, but to no avail.

For those who don't know, The Price of Beauty is about Jessica Simpson and her posse traveling around the world in search of how different countries and cultures perceive beauty. They've traveled to Japan, Africa, France, Thailand and Brazil (so far) and spoke to different women about what they think is beautiful, what they like/don't like about themselves, and their personal struggles and triumphs.

Much to my surprise, the show is actually watchable and insightful. Now, that doesn't mean the "cast" doesn't make me want to jump into oncoming traffic at times with their ignorant comments. Because trust me, THEY DO. But seeing different women and beauty around the world really does put things in perspective. Here I am preparing for bathing suit season by attempting to exercise, and a woman in Africa is TRYING to gain weight in preparation for her wedding day - the more you weigh in certain tribes, the more beautiful and wealthy you are.

All in all, I was embarrassed to say that I voluntarily watched anything starring Jessica Simpson but it did get me thinking about how each persons' perception of beauty is completely different.

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  1. brilliant. and think of it this way, you're watching the show because you're suffering for your art ;) <3


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