Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pretty Girl, Protect Your Eyes

It's no secret that I am a Clinique freak. After I felt like I've "conquered" all color cosmetics, I was thinking..."Well, what's next?" SKINCARE. And lots of it.

I'm in my 20's. As most of you know, it's a tough in between stage in terms of skincare products. Some of us are still plagued with the awful acne enemy, but we also want to dip our toes in some preventive skincare, like facial masks and eye creams. That's why Clinique is great, because they seem to speak to my age group and our needs.

These are two of my favorite Clinique products - Clinique Moisture Surge Refreshing Eye Mask and Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream.

The Clinique Eye Masks are amazing - it feels like your living room has transformed into a mini spa for 10 minutes. The eye masks come 20 to a box (2 masks in each pink packet), and are moist little pads that fit over your eyes. You place them on your eye lids (with no makeup, of course) and rest - listen to your ipod, the tv, etc for 10 minutes. Take them off and dispose.

Your eyes feel refreshed, clean and awake. After straining my eyes looking at the computer all day, my eyes are practically BEGGING for a break - and a nice treat.

The Clinique All About Eyes Cream seems perfect. It's rare that I will use something until it is completely finished (it usually has a replacement in a few weeks, sadly), but this I will continue to buy. Unlike other eye creams, this one is very light and slippery in texture, as opposed to thick, chunky creams.

I love to use the eye cream directly after the Refreshing Eye Masks above - they seem to be a match made in heaven! My eyes have proven to be very sensitive to certain makeup removers, creams, etc - some make my eyes burn, become red, and so on. Not this one. Even if a bit does get in my eyes, it doesn't irritate me.

What do you chicks use for eye care? Let us know! xoxo


  1. I'm almost 19. I don't use anything for my eyes.. :( i'm afraid if i start too early, my skin will get used to the products, and when i'll actually need some anti-wrickle products. it won't work on me lol. I heard it is just a myth, but i just... keep spending my money on other stuff and not thinking about my preciuos eyes... :)

  2. I am in my mid 20s and have been looking for a good eye cream for a while now, as I know I ought to start using one but they all seem to be aimed at middle aged women! I'll have to give this one a try x

  3. @VaidaG - so cute, you don't need anything if you are young and pretty! xoxo

    @missy - this one is really great, i love it

  4. i worry about my eyes getting that crepe paper-y look. like vaidaG, i worry when is too early to start?


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