Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Fate Almost As Bad As Death - The Bad Makeup Day

We have all been there. And it is simply tragic. "How could this happen?!" you ask yourself. "I'm usually good at this but TODAY..." Nothing is going right - your foundation is streaking, your eye liner is smearing in the worst way, even your trusty mascara is clumping...yikes! This almost always seems to happen when you have somewhere to, class, someone's party, an interview and so on.

So the question is - how do you overcome a bad makeup day? My personal belief when things are going all wrong, is to wash your entire face, let dry, make a strong coffee and begin again. Or, if what you're using isn't working the way it should - like a liquid eye liner - simply use something else instead (you know you have lots of other things to chose from!)

Because you just can't leave the house if your makeup is sub-par, right? What do you ladies think? Share your ideas with us.


  1. On my bad MU day I usually wah it all off and do it again, but this time I only use products that i really KNOW that always work and try to do a very natural look ;)


  2. so true!! as you can tell by this post, today was my bad makeup day! =*(

  3. If i have a bad make up day, i remove it all, and just stick to the simple foundation-mascara routine and nothing else... Usually when i have bad MU day, i am either tired, or nervous etc... so i just don't bother to pull something amazing off :) Just basic MU :)

  4. same here VaidaG! Today is a new day, hopefully things will go better than yesterday with my MU <3

  5. Oh my gosh I though I was the only one who suffered these horrible days!! They come once every couple weeks/months and are just awful! Good post :) xx

  6. No Liana, you're not the only one!! thank god they don't come very often, but when they do - so awful!


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